probably upload tunes liKE WILDFUCK when I get motivated to mix & master and all that boring junk I have to do to feel like a song is ok to upload ((((( oR mAYBE JUST CHUCK A GAIN & DISTORITION AND & LIMITER ON AND CALL IT LOFI AH ))))) ,, 

I dont really have art or movies or games although the interest has always been there, closest thing to art considered uploadable to newgrounds™ is like a photo of me puffinf durries or somet shit, sickly x

((((((((((((( im gona do a meh emoji for the Mood of this post in reminder of the emoji movie voiced by tj miller out in cinemas july 28th {{{{{{{ I AM NOT GETTTING PAID FOR SPONSORSHIP BY DISNEY ( is it disney? probably, their storiys and orginality are geting pretty bad hey ) SO YEAH NOT GETTING SPONSORED }}}}}}}}}}} I hope when it comes to BLURAY™ I can watch it drunk and get the courage to break up with my dad x )))))))))))))))))))))))